U-Lock™ Smart lock is Indigenously built, metal body innovative IOT based Smart Lock with Patent pending secure electronic locking mechanism. It has Several Built-in sensors which will detect impact, Shackle cut, speed, acceleration, vibration, elevation, heating, light exposure and proximity to alert tamper attempts. It uses Multi modal authentication scheme for lock and unlock operations and authentications are based on unique encryption key, user login authentication, GPS locations, mobile number etc. It supports control and Lock operations remotely and creates audit trail of Lock operations and sensor status, with time & GPS co-ordinates

Key Features:

  • Metal Enclosure
  • Weatherproof
  • Unlocking only at authorized location by authorized user
  • Remote lock operations only by supervisor
  • Bluetooth based unlock request by operator
  • Supports single trip with multiple destinations
  • Live Tracking and unlocking data access to the customer
  • Real-time visualization of live and historical data of Smart lock operations over map
  • Real time tamper alerts
  • Integrated GPS, BLE 4.0, GPRS, Tamper Sensors
  • Seamless Rest API integration with existing CRMs

Problem statement

Unisem envisages a keyless world, with a slew of products in consumer & logistics segments deploying the best of embedded design & IOT technologies

Unisem R & D team has designed IoT based lock:

Padlock. These lock products are:

  • Scalable
  • Customizable – design and firmware are developed in-house by Unisem
  • Rugged – to withstand harsh weather
  • Consumes less power
  • ROI – pays for itself in due course