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Quality of a component is determined not only by its reliability (as measured by MTBF rates and expressed as PRISM, Telcordia, or MIL-HDBK-217), but also by its availability, how long it is going to be available, and level of conformance to electrical and mechanical parameters matched to domain such as industrial or military. Quality is also determined by resistance to environmental conditions, and usage.

Failure of the smallest component can cause failure of an entire product, with possible inconvenience, even loss of life and a besmirched reputation from which it is difficult to recover.

Counterfeiting of parts is increasing, and it is very important to ensure that parts that are procured are what they say they are. This requires a deep commitment as well as direct tieups with genuine parts manufacturer and deep relationships with them.

Quality is paramount to Unisem’s approach & as a matter of policy , procures from Green channel vendors only . All products have the provenance/traceability & is accompanied with documentation/COC (certificate of conformance)
Unisem has an error free record of 99.7%. Unisem matches standards AS 9120 and AS 9110 in service level.

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Unisem has been established since 2009. Relationships matter to us, and Unisem has built deep and enduring relationships with clients as well as suppliers. This not only helps us understand needs and trends better, but also helps in maintaining quality, locating obsolete and rare parts quickly, and responding in a timely fashion.

We are proud of our 100% customer retention.


Unisem’s process (depicted below) has been improved and refined over the years, and helps procure better components faster, respond faster to customer issues, and rapidly design components.

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