Deep expertise in the semiconductor industry


At the root of Unisem’s approach is our in-depth understanding of both global as well as Indian business processes.

ESDM (Electronic System Design and Manufacturing) constantly contributes to changes in the global economy and at the heart of this transformation is the electronic component industry to which Unisem belongs.

OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers) that Distribution serves, are not always knowledgeable about the products available to them or aware of the latest component technology.

Unisem benefits OEMs because a component manufacturer does not look beyond their own product line whilst assisting the designer/engineer with application design. Unisem, with a wide range of products and product knowledge is able to offer the OEM viable alternatives they may not have known existed.

Unisem offers value-added services such as

Just-in-time (JIT)

As the name suggests is crucial for timely production. Unisem ensures that production happens unhindered with proper planning & logistics.

Single Window Approach

Unisem can hand hold the customer with customised design services, component selection, prototyping to kitting & final assembly.

Crucial Link

Unisem works as the crucial link between OEMs on one hand & the semiconductor manufacturers on the other hand.

Shortage management

Shortage of components can occur for a variety of reasons such as sudden spike in production, customer’s increased demand, delays from existing sources, non forecasted requirements, logistic issues etc.

Shortages can lead to line stoppage, which can cost huge sums to companies and have a cascading effect which can escalate upto their end customer level.

It is such scenarios, we (Unisem) come in.

Customers globally & in particular in India, have one time or another burnt their fingers buying from online companies /brokers who claim to support genuine parts but in reality dish out spurious materials.

We have an edge here as our procurement is only from “GREEN” channel vendors (Manufacturers / Franchised distributors). All our shipments are accompanied with a COC (certificate of compliance). With our global network, we source components across the globe & ensure deliveries in the shortest turnaround time as we have special delivery arrangements with Global market leaders like UPS, DHL, Fedex.

Cost reduction support

Be it Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or Contract Manufacturers (CMs), there is constant pressure on them to reduce costs, specially cost of raw materials.

We help you stay competitive with our expertise and reliable sourcing channels across the world, not limited by franchise sales agreements, we source components from their most competitive sources and locations to support customers with their cost reduction programme.

All products are sourced only from Manufacturers / Franchisees.

Lead Time Buys

We offer competitive prices from our representative lines, authorised lines and strong lines with regular lead-time to support normal procurement processes.

Obsolete components – Sourcing

Components go obsolete when manufacturers stop producing them for various reasons. But many manufacturers and customers would still need those parts even after obsolescence for longer time depending on the applications.

We offer to source such obsolete components from our captive network of green channel vendors and make it available to customers to continue their production.

Obsolete components – Building

We call it “Product life Extension”. In cases when obsolete components cannot be sourced anywhere and when the customer is in absolute need, or in cases of critical applications like space/aviation where they may need to build boards which should function for the next few decades, continuing with the same design, we help in building such components with dies from original manufacturers (Brands) with authorisation or license from these original manufacturers, thus extending the life of critically required parts.

All products such produced will be endorsed, traced back to original manufacturers.

Kitting of Components

Kitting or consolidation is a service that would interest many manufacturers who source components across the world and who get lot of transfer projects from other continents. There could be numerous vendors from a specific region with tiny billing values.

With Unisem’s strong network around the globe, you can consolidate all tiny billing suppliers under one console, region wise, keeping us as one window contact eliminating lots of paper work and individual bank charges.

We currently consolidate from Europe, USA and Asia. We also have special pricing windows with global freight forwarders & we extend the same to our customers so as to bring down freight costs.