Dr. SafeClean

Dr. SafeClean

Prevention is better than cure.

Presenting Dr.Safeclean Sanibiox, a powerful compact device that ensures full protection, screens & destroys viruses & bacteria through proven technology.

Protect yourself & your loved ones.

A must have for



  • 1st strong line of defense for Homes / Offices / Clinics / Salons / Hospitals / Educational institutions. 
  • IAPMO (US LAB) tested & certified for 14 varieties of common bacteria & viruses.
  • Uses Signify ( Philips lighting)UVC lamp. Signify has successfully tested & proven Germ neutralizing properties.
  • Quickly disinfect within 2 to 3 minutes groceries /mobile phones/ laptop/ currency/ office documents/ couriers.
  • Innovative Fabric + Fiber glass shell 
  • 4 layer design
  • Imported UVC reflector sheet for optimum UVC coverage.
  • Smart Electronics, Microchip microcontroller based Design.
  • Power cut off on lid open (to avoid unintended exposure to harmful UVC).
  • Cost effective / low cost of acquisition

Technical Features

  • Input Supply : 220 – 230V /50Hz
  • Power: 11 W
  • 99.99% percent elimination of pathogens in 2 to 3 mins. 
  • Settable Timer configuration from 1 to 60 mins.
  • Alarm sound on door ajar while operation and completion of operation.
  • Timer resumes from the last set value of operation on power cycle or sanitization cycle.
  • Indications for Operation Start and Seconds elapsed.

Comparison of UVC products available in the market

SI No. UNISEM SANIBOX Other Brands available at lower price range
1 Principle is purely Electronics with intelligence and user friendly operations. Principle is Electrical without controls just ON/OFF
2 Capacity 20 / 40 ltrs Starting from 2 /5 / 10 ltrs
3 Has a steel mesh basket /stand to cover all the surfaces of the packets/articles while sanitization. Does not have any such arrangement
4 Soft touch keys to select time with electronic timer for Sanitization. Most don’t have any if so only Analog timer/ Off the Shelf Industrial Timers.
5 Long beep alert when the sanitization if is over. No such electronic system
6 Freedom to set accurate time from 1 to 60 minutes as per material load. No such display provision or timer to be set.
7 Sanitization takes as low as 1 – 2 mins as certified by US LAB IAPMO. Time taken for sanitization is 10-15mts Don’t share such certification info.
8 Power cut off while lid is  Open to avoid harmful exposure to UVC. No such provision seen as after closing the door you have to switch ON.
10 The principle behind UNISEM SANIBOX is UVC ( Philips / Osram Lamps used). Most of the cheaper version uses UV lamps.
11 Right price with the right product true VFM No proper clarifications of the product being supplied.
12 Warranty 12 months for electronics and with 1 spare UVC lamp. Warranty may be there but No such freebies.
13 The Product works on  electronic principle hence assuring ease of use Most of them are fabricators doesn’t have the domain expertise.
14 The system memorizes the last set time, thus avoiding repeated setting of time on every use. Memory Function is not available in most of the products.
15 Self-Test Mode for the Product to check if the UVC tube is working  before the sanitization process. Self-check not available.

*Note: We have compared the above points against other products in the 3 – 8K INR price range