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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

– Helen Keller –

Welcome to Unisem India, Indias best components procurement company. We straddle cultures better, understand the nuances of the Indian market, and use technology in innovative ways to help clients and suppliers.

India is a huge ESDM market – a projected demand of 100 Billion by 2016. ESDM industry of India comprises of four key components – Electronic Products, Electronic Components, Semiconductor design and Electronics Manufacturing services. (Source Fact Sheet of Indian ESDM industry

Indian market is humungous, full of opportunities yet chaotic, and with its own ways of working.

We help you unlock this treasure box of opportunities, and help you navigate the labyrinths of Indian laws, processes, and business practices.

We are a proud trusted partner of CDE, ST, Infineon, Analog devices and many more…

Common hurdles faced by International Manufacturers and distributors


  • Language
  • Unable to identify a reliable partner

  • Understanding of Indian business processes

  • Cost of Operations
  • No marketing/sales network

  • Unable to properly maintain sales & AR for existing business

unisem strengths

  • In-depth understanding of both International & Indian business processes
  • Strong PAN India Customer network encompassing private and public sectors
  • Dedicated & Efficient Sales & Technical team
  • Readymade platform to promote global component manufacturers
  • Professional team: Sales/Marketing/Material planners & field application engineers
  • In-depth knowledge & access for accurate customer forecasts,
  • Increase market share & customer recall

services provided

  • Identifying & developing opportunities for new business development
  • Developing existing clients into larger business sources
  • Forecasting business for the region and planning targets
  • Developing & executing Monthly/Quarter/Annual plans
  • Co-ordination with OEM’s/Design Houses etc. to ensure quality, efficiency and timely service
  • In-depth knowledge & access for accurate customer forecasts,
  • Maintaining & enhancing supplier base

partnership advantages

  • India Office Address
  • Product champion /Dedicated staff assigned
  • Sample Bank maintained & promoted
  • Promotion & marketing of Products by Unisem sales team
  • Low cost of operations in comparison with setting up own office (Lean management)
  • Timely follow ups for sales & AR for existing businesse
  • No investment in manpower