SMA Connector Straight

SMA connectors, short for SubMiniature Version A, are semi-precision, subminiature devices that provide repeatable electrical performance from DC to 12.4 GHz with flexible cable.

Product Description


  • Frequency range:
  • – Flexible cable: 0 to 12.4GHz
    – Semi-rigid cable: 0 to 18GHz

  • Working voltage:
  • – Flexible cable: 190, 250 and 335Vrms (at sea level)
    – Semi-rigid cable: 335 and 500Vrms (at sea level)

  • Withstanding voltage:
  • – Flexible cable: 500, 750 and 1000Vrms (at sea level)
    – Semi-rigid cable: 1000 and 1500Vrms (at sea level)

  • Contact resistance:
  • – Center contact: ≤5mΩ
    – Outer contact: ≤5mΩ


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