Humasis COVID-19 IgG/IgM Test

The above table is comparison of testing method on the same subject 81 patients. Positive : 49 and Negative : 32

The left table – method of confirmation is RT-PCR and Lung CT The right table – using Humasis COVID 19 test kit It shows that Humasis give the same result with using RT-PCR and Lung CT IgM is antibody which will release after infected with cove 19 after 4 day IgG is antibody which will release after 1 week and more as the day passed by.

High clinical sensitivity over 90% on average for positive time more than 4 days is calculation from test positive of IgG from more than 4 days : (13+9)/24 : 91.66%

13 =test positive on 4-7 days

9 = test positive > 8 days

24 = total positive patient of both period

100% for Negative patient, 32/32